Rok Modern Stone-Age Cooking offers the most affordable hot stone cooking systems on the market today. Hot rock cooking is a totally unique and amazing dining experience! Entrees arrive at the table bursting with aroma, seared and sizzling on a hot volcanic stone! Hot rock meals are quick, entertaining, healthy and incredibly delicious. Rok offers complete stone cooking systems for restaurants and products for home use.

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Household Use

For those that run a restaurant and are looking to add flare to their menu options and flavor to the atmosphere.
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Household Use

Add something different to your dinner, impress your friends, or just try a new way of cooking!
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Restaurants Using Hot Rock

Rok Bistro

“At Rok Bistro, you’ll discover your place on the path of ancients. on »

Alhambra Hotel

Zabor Restaurant in the Alhambra Hotel is the best place on the beach in on »

Trapper’s Chop House

We wanted something truly unique and memorable to complement our newly-created menu. We heard about rock cooking and knew this would be the perfect on »

Product photos

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